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Is learning the basic of editing hard?

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Currently, Adobe Photoshop is the best photo editor I tested. It is really sophisticated and advanced. But without basic, it can be really hard to use it. Today, there are many tutorials specializing with Photoshop. In order to learn the basic, simply go to YouTube and search “basic tutorial in Photoshop”.
I would love to make tutorial video but then I thought why not I just share the tutorials I watched before. This will show my token of gratitude for helping me understanding Photoshop. In fact, it could help you too. There are one or two videos I love to share for this topic. I use Adobe photoshop CS6 but the older versions are actually more or less similar to it.

I find this tutorial useful for beginner. It teachs step by step how to use photoshop tools. The brush tool is the most important and I use it a lot. I remind you that this tutorial don't teach the use of all the tools. It chooses some essential tools that might be useful for basic editing. If you are interested of using other tools, better start your homework now.

This video might be useful for beginner too. It is hard at first to understand and execute it but there will be no fun if everything is easy. This video shows other useful tools in photoshop and it might be handy oneday. Remember, not all tools are useful Some edit better than others. So I suggest to find as many tutorials as possible to master photo editing.

Should I become a photographer?

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Photography is fun but when it comes to editing, things become tough. It is not easy to edit a photo as we want it to be for the first time and I felt the same too, until now. It takes time to learn editing especially the color manipulation. We don’t want to have the same panorama with the same blue sky, the same blue sea, the same yellow sand, the same white building. Color manipulation can change the mood of our picture. You might think that it will become fake; yes... It will be fake if you change drastically the color. Don’t change the blue to red or yellow to green. Be creative! But I will detail it later in the next post.

There are many photo editors in this era and we can do anything with it. Changing day to night, adding star field, changing seasons are some of the examples that we can do with a photo editor. Many sophisticated photo editors are very expensive. It costs a fortune such as Photoshop. But if you are a beginner, better start with free software first like Picasa. Picasa is good for basic photo editing. It can’t do much but it worth a try. It will help to refresh our eyes time by time before entering into advance technique. Picasa can help you to get a great image automatically using “I’m feeling lucky” button. I used it a lot before and I love it. It changes the color mood which suits the best for the photo. With it I can get some idea how I can manipulate colors using advance software.

Having a good photo editing skill is not enough if you are a bad photographer. Photographing is the essential to make the photo more appealing. A good photographer will not take one or two photos; he will take at least 10 to 20 photos from almost every corners of the photo subject. Take an example of an Eiffel tower, Where will be my spot to capture this magnificent tower? From far? From the bottom of the tower? Near to it? During the day? During the night? If you are a good photographer, you will do all of it. Ok maybe I’m a bit exaggerated. If you have a nick of time and can’t be in a same place for too long, the best way for not regretting it in later time is to capture one from far and one from near of it. But then it depends on you how you want your photo to be more interesting.

There are many kinds of photographer. The next question is what kind of photographer we want to be? We can be all of it if we want to, but fixing a quest is very important. Am I an animal photographer? Or nature? Or models? Or landscape? What is so important about it? If you have seen an animal photographer and a model photographer, they never use the same equipment. Animal photographer will use very big lenses called telephoto and a model photographer will have a studio full of light and flashes. So basically their objective is not the same; one wants to capture animals from far away without disturbing it and other wants to capture a perfect detailed model without any shadow.

How about camera? Should we have a DSLR? In normal day, many experienced photographer will have at least one DSLR. Why DSLR? For me the main reason to have a DSLR is to capture a RAW format picture. What is a RAW? In simple way to explain it, RAW format picture is a non-compressed picture. Unlike JPEG, RAW picture is better for editing in finest way because the data is not yet stack or compress, this picture format is very big but the editing will be great. JPEG is a compressed file, so normally this type of picture has less data to process and the end-result is not really satisfied. If you are serious in photography and editing and have a DSLR, go for RAW picture. For those who don’t have a DSLR, it doesn’t mean you have to abandon this hobby. Today there are many digital cameras that can save in RAW format. So check your camera now. If you still don’t have a RAW recoded camera, JPEG format photo is still tolerable for editing.  

To summarize, we can become a good photographer without being a good editor but can’t become a good editor without experiencing photography. So I you want to become a photographer, be creative, be patient… There is no luck or fortune drops from the sky to our lap. Learn the basic carefully before entering the advance technique and I am sure if you do it regularly, you can archive it.

Istanbul, Turkey and it charms

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Istanbul, a city where east meets west, or a city where one part is Europe and the other part is Asia. It was called Constantinople before until it ruled under Turkish empire. A city where many charms can be found, many colliding cultures, ans a place where a border line between east and west can be found.

I was there during early spring and unfortunately the sun didn't welcome me very well. It was very cloudy and rain poured in between. Nevertheless, it's still a bright city. Istanbul is a mix tradition city. It's showed through it mosques which resemble european architecture. The city is so big that even ten days could not finish a trip here. 

 Blue mosque (Sultan Ahmed mosque)

One of the most famous mosques in the world. The most is not really blue. It's in grey with five tall minarets. It's located at the old town of Istanbul. It's still operated as a mosque and many worshippers, from locals to tourists, come here to pray. There is a possibility to enter to for foreigners but a dress code must be respected. 

It's a biggest mosque so far in Istanbul. Around it, there is a beautiful park where many people go around to promenade. In front of it is Hagia Sophia, a former mosque and cathedral which now been transformed into a museum.  

The reason it was built is unclear but locals said that it was built to challenge the biggest cathedral of that time which is Hagia Sophia. 

 Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia, a former cathedral who was one the biggest cathedral in ancient history. Now, it's become a museum and it's just in front of the blue mosque. The minarets were built after Hagia Sophia been transformed into a mosque. 

Tokapi Palace
It's another museum near to the Blue mosque. It was a palace before for the Sultans or King of Turkish empire. Now it becomes an islamic historical museum. The museum is divided into several sections. At the middle of the sections, there is a garden. 

Ferry trip
The best way to see a panoramic view of Istanbul is by ferry ride. There are many ferry tour near to the river which separates Istanbul into two parts. The ride will take at least 45 minutes to one hour depending on the traffic and weather.  There are also ferry restaurants near to the harbor but it will be a rough ride. 

The grand Bazaar
This bazaar is a maze. It's really easy to get lost in here. So many roads, so many junctions, so many shops, so many people and so many exits. There is no map for this maze so be really careful when enter it. Here, turkish delights, souvenirs, leathers, jewelries and others can be found here. It's like a shopping maze paradise because everything is cheap and can be bargained. Never buy an item with the showed price, try to bargain and the price will become cheaper. 

Turkish Delight

Find a shop called Karaköy Güllüoglu and go there. Then ask for variety of turkish delight. Each of it has different taste. It's really sweet. 

Taksim Square

A modern city square situated at the european part of Istanbul. Many famous shops can be found here. There is also an old tram that goes from end the other end of the square. It's a best place to have a coffee break.

There are many other places in Istanbul need to be discover as the city is so big that even ten days is insufficient. The local is very friendly but sometimes it can fool us. The best way to discover Istanbul is by having a local to be a guide as most of the turkish people cannot speak english. This will make the trip smoother and enjoyable. 

Place to go in Athens, Greece

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Athens, the capital city of Greece and one of the cities who has ancient history and monuments. Situated near to mediterranean sea and it's a city full of bright color. The high point of this city is at Acropolis, situated at the center of Athens. 

Hotels in Athens are kind of cheap, they will welcome you with a reasonable price and give you a wonderful stay. They're really kind too. When I wanted to check-in a two star hotel, they upgraded my accommodation to three star and really near to city center with the same price and a good environment. Not all part of Athens is lovely. Because of economic crisis, don't be surprised as many parts of the city are lack of beauties and many vandalism. Fortunately, the main attractions are still preserved, clean and safe. 

There are some places need to be discover when visiting Athens. Acropolis, one of the main athens attractions. Easy to access, take metro line 2 to Acropolis and walk a bit to the top of hill for the entrance. Many things to see here especially Panthenon, when enter it, don't be surprised by the construction as it's unavoidable. Many monuments here are in preservation and reconstruction and it will take a very long time to finish. But not all, There are some parts they untouched with crane or tools for tourists.

Acropolis is a high point in Athens and surrounded by compacted city. From that point, the sea and Pireas and mountains can be seen from here. 

Temple of Olympian Zeus
Other main athens attraction, situated near to Acropolis. Unfortunately, It closes really early so I had no chance to see it from near. This temple can be seen from Acropolis too.

Syntagma Square
A shopping district near to a Parliament house. Here many different branded shops can be found here. A place to find a good souvenirs too. There are also one shop near to Starbucks that offers to write our name in greek alphabets for free as long as the shirt price is 8 euros and above. There are also many homemade replicas such as vases, jewelries, one eye blue pendants and many more and it's really cheap. 

There are also many athens restaurants there that offer greek foods such as Gyros for example. During evening many coffee shops open and offer a good view to Acropolis, so might not want to miss this moment. 

Athens archeological museum
This museum shows many artifacts and history of Acropolis. Situated near to Acropolis and it's free to student. The top of this museum offers a great view of Acropolis and many visitors stop here to get a photo of it. And there is a coffee shop here too. 

Here is metro map of Athens

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